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About Me

My name is Richard Persson. I'm 49 years old and I'm from Sweden.

I am a Candidate Master (CM). I qualified for my title by achieving an Elo rating of 2200.

My favorite chess vacation destination is in Serbia. They have a nice chess festival in a small town called Paracin, and if I have a few days extra I try to visit the capital, Belgrade, which is a great city to explore.

Richard Persson

“You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game you win. You will have to lose hundreds of games before becoming a good player.” – José Raúl Capablanca
I try to play at least 1 or 2 big open chess tournaments every year. My future chess goal is to become a Fide Master, which will take a lot of work.

I also have a few easier goals, though! One is to play the Reykjavik Open because of the beautiful playing venue. Another tournament I'm interested in is the Gibraltar International Chess Festival, and perhaps The European Blitz Championship.

My Background

Playing a chess tournament

After high school, I sent an application to a gymnasium that was unique in Sweden because it also had a chess academy. I studied there for 3 years under the guidance of International M Nils-Gustaf Renman. He was a Swedish champion in 1978 and also 1980.

This gave me a solid foundation and improved my thought process during games. In my final year, I qualified for our school's representative team. We won the national school championship and also the Nordic finals in Iceland.

My Teaching Experience

Playing a chess tournament

When I started coaching online my first student had a clear goal (qualifying to his national olympic chess team) and we defined together what areas to focus on. I put in lots of time into preparing and building a portfolio of useful cases to study both in calculation, tactics, and how to play in different structures. I try to vary lessons so we work on different things all the time. Since then, I have worked with many different players usually ranging from 1000 to 1900 rating.

At my local chess club, Malmö AS, I also helped out with kids during school breaks when we had an open house. We taught the basics and organized small tournaments.

I also occasionally gave some lectures with a demo board for our local Thursday study group. Finding a theme and showing different examples such as prophylactic moves, domination of pieces, or showing games from our team matches leading up to our victory in the club team championship 2015/16

The group was from beginner to approximately Elo 1800.


Playing Experience

  • Gold medal in Nordic chess school-team championship 1993
  • Silver medal in Swedish individual junior chess championship 1994
  • Swedish Club team champion in third-highest league 2014/15
  • Swedish Club team champion in second-highest league 2015/16
  • Swedish Club team champion in premier league 2015/16 however I was a reserve and didn't get to play any games that season, our team coach had plenty of strong players to choose from such as GM Baadur Jobava, GM Georg Meier, and GM Ulf Andersson.
  • Gold medal in a rapid tournament in Kristianstad "Påsksnabben" 2017, 8,5/10 and Elo performance 2409
  • Gold medal in a rapid tournament in Lund "Frans G Bengtssons minne" 2014, 6,5 / 8 Elo performance 2366
  • Bronze medal in a rapid tournament in Skromberga "Skromberga Mellandagsturnering" 2017, 6,5 / 8
  • Silver medal in a rapid tournament "Kristianstad Chess Cup" 2016, 6/8 Elo performance 2212
  • Bronze in a rapid tournament in Lund "Frans G Bengtssons minne" 2016, 6 / 8

Best win in blitz on that other chess site :) against GM Daniel Sadzikowski.

My highest rating on that other site was 2327.

Best rated victories on Lichess:

Highest rating on Lichess: 2481 10th October. 2021

  • IM Funo09 (2705) 31st oct. 2019
  • IM Green_Arrow1 (2579) 25 june 2019
  • CryptoHyppo (2570) 19th Sept 2021
  • Ilya999-Durkin (2568) 15th Sept 2021
  • BozKurd (2566) 26th dec. 2019

My highest rated opponent that I won against in an online blitz game was probably Varushan Akobian in 2015 on Icc. I think he was top 5 in the US and around 2660 Elo then; however I won material early on because of a hidden tactic :) So that one I got a bit lucky.

My Skills

  • Playing chess for 30+ years, accumulating chess knowledge by reading a ton of books, and still following the big events online.
  • During my club's rise from the third league to the premier league I took the opportunity to get some insights from top-level Grandmasters.
  • Talking to Ulf Andersson during team dinners about technical endgames and his approach.
  • Traveling by car to a distant away team game sitting next to Baadur Jobava for 2 hours and talking about opening lines.
  • We also had a lot of sessions with GM Tiger Hillarp Persson coaching the local non-GM team members that season. Tiger is the author of a famous book called "The modern Tiger"

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